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February 2010: Release of SINGULAR version 3-1-1. More

Jenks Prize

July 2004: The Richard D. Jenks Prize for Excellence in Software Engineering for Computer Algebra was awarded to the Singular team. More

Book: "A Singular Introduction to Commutative Algebra"

Using the program 'surf'

To use the library surf.lib requires the program 'surf' (by Stefan Endraß, only available for Linux PCs and Sun workstations) to be installed.

To install 'surf' on a Linux platform, you may either download surf-<version>-ix86-Linux.tar.gz from the CD enclosed with the book and extract the files to the directory where you installed SINGULAR. Or you may download the source code from the 'surf' homepage and compile it, following the instructions in the INSTALL file.

If a provided binary does not run, you are probably missing a required shared library. To check this, type ldd `which surf`; then install the missing shared libraries (ask your local system administrator how to do this).

Some versions of the SuSE distribution provide an older version of the program 'surf' (version 0.9) which requires a minor change in surf.lib: you have to remove the line

string extra_surf_opts=" -x "; // remove this line for surf 0.9

Software Updates (of Files on the Enclosed CD):