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D.15 Experimental libraries

This sections collect libraries in the beta test phase. Everything in these libraries may change.

For the minimal requirements and guidelines see Libraries.

Comments should be send to the author of the library directly.

D.15.1 brillnoether_lib  Riemann-Roch spaces of divisors on curves
D.15.2 chern_lib  Symbolic Computations with Chern classes
D.15.3 cimonom_lib  complete intersection for toric ideals
D.15.4 classify_aeq_lib  Simple Space Curve singularities in characteristic 0
D.15.5 classifyMapGerms_lib  standard basis of the tangent space at the orbit of an algebraic group action
D.15.6 curveInv_lib  invariants of curves
D.15.7 deRham_lib  Computation of deRham cohomology
D.15.8 divisors_lib  Divisors and P-Divisors
D.15.9 ffmodstd_lib  Groebner bases in polynomial rings over algebraic function fields
D.15.10 finitediff_lib  finite difference schemes for linear differential equations
D.15.12 gitfan_lib  Compute GIT-fans
D.15.13 GND_lib  General Neron Desingularization
D.15.11 graal_lib  localization at prime ideals and their associated graded rings
D.15.14 gradedModules_lib  Operations with graded modules/matrices/resolutions
D.15.15 hess_lib  Riemann-Roch space of divisors on function fields and curves
D.15.16 modwalk_lib  Groebner basis convertion
D.15.17 multigrading_lib  Multigradings and related computations
D.15.18 ncHilb_lib  Hilbert functio for non-commutative rings
D.15.19 nfmodstd_lib  Groebner bases of ideals in rings over algebraic number fields
D.15.20 nfmodsyz_lib  Syzygy modules of submodules of free modules over algebraic number fields
D.15.23 realclassify_lib  Classification of real singularities
D.15.21 rwalk_lib  Groebner Walk Conversion
D.15.24 schubert_lib  Intersection Theory
D.15.22 swalk_lib  Sagbi Walk Conversion Algorithm
D.15.25 tropicalNewton_lib  Newton polygons in tropical geometry